The Last Three Hostages

The Last Three Hostages (Tiga Sandera Terakhir)

  • Title: Tiga Sandera Terakhir (a novel)
  • Subtitle: Terinspirasi dari konflik berdarah di timur Indonesia
  • Genre: Military thriller
  • Language: Indonesian
  • ISBN: 978-602-0989-47-1
  • Author: Brahmanto Anindito
  • Editor: Hermawan Aksan & Miranda Harlan
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimension: 14 cm x 21 cm
  • Thick: 309 + xiv pages
  • Weight: 280 g
  • Publisher: Noura Books 2015

Indonesia is in tumult due to a brutal hostage-taking. Five tourists from France, Indonesia and Australia are captured. As it occurs in Papua, the forefingers suddenly point to OPM, a militant organization of West Papua liberation. But surprisingly, OPM denies that. They say, “It’s not us! Taking of hostages won’t bring any good for OPM’s image. Why would we do that?” Continue Reading →

Happy End, Sad End, or Cliffhanger?

Happy End, Sad End, or Cliffhanger?

The ending may only be a small part of your whole story. But it is crucial. It can make your audience re-read or re-watch your work. So, it is always good to think thoroughly your story’s ending well. You can choose one of three common ends: happy, sad, or cliffhanger. In the end, whichever ending you chose, make sure the main conflict in your story has been resolved. Continue Reading →