Revival of Queen Leyak

"Revival of Queen Leyak" Visual Novel

  • Genre: Thriller, mystery, supernatural, romance
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mode: Single-player visual novel / game on PC
  • Duration: 20 hours of gameplay (at average reading speed)
  • Language: English
  • Developer: BnK Team
  • Publisher: DEVGRU-P
  • Producers: Dhaeza, Dian Ageng
  • Director: Dhaeza
  • Writer: Brahmanto Anindito
  • Editor: Darr Kadlubowski
  • Background Artist: Antares69 (Vicky Bawangun)
  • Sprite Artists: Judo Lookingheart, Villyane (Dewi Ang)
  • Computer Graphic: Villyane (Dewi Ang)
  • Music Composer: Days of Glaze (Ricky Cahyadi)
  • Programmer: Rendy Rakean
  • Release Date: March 2017 on Steam

The story of Revival of Queen Leyak (RoQL) is set in Bali, an exotic island where technology, tradition, and supernatural all lurk under the guise of a modern paradise. You’ll be Tetsuo Kobayashi in this visual novel. You’ll stumble upon an ancient curse and must race againts time to hunt for the Queen Leyak’s Necronomicon. Continue Reading →

FAQ (Frequently Accused-Questions) to Fiction Writers

Evil judgeHave you, as a fiction author, ever been asked by people pretended to know everything about work of writing and publishing? Were you boxed into a corner by those questions? I was. I have ever faced few “judges” like that. But I never give a damn, ha-ha. I have a list of what did my friends negatively say about work of fiction. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to translate those into English. But I bet you already knew things like: all fiction writers are liar, a words waster, ones who live in imagination without seeing the real world, blah. Insignificant accusations that can be easily countered. Continue Reading →