Warung Fiksi (or Wufi) is a professional team of creative writers based in Surabaya, Indonesia. It offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and scriptwriting services, as well as translating, editing, digital or physical publishing, and web creating solutions. Please visit our homepage to see detailed services.

The blog was founded in 2007 by Brahmanto Anindito, Moch. Asrori, Ihsan Maulana, and Rie Yanti. But since 2008 when Warung Fiksi started to handle professional writings, it’s owned and managed by Brahm and Rie.

BrahmBrahmanto Anindito is a Communication Studies scholar from Airlangga University. His articles and works of fiction have been published in media outlets that include Intisari, Hai, Cinemags, Mossaik, Nurul Hayat, Clea, Jawa Pos, Republika, Surya, Bangka Pos, Padang Ekspres, Radar Bojonegoro, etc. Brahm has also published books, including Semanyun Senyuman Mahasiswa (Lulu), Pemuja Oksigen (Jaring Pena), Satin Merah (GagasMedia), Rahasia Sunyi (GagasMedia), Tiga Sandera Terakhir (Noura Books), as well as the game Revival of Queen Leyak (DEVGRU-P). In 2002, he won first place in the Scientific Writing Competition for university students held by Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. In 2003, the Korean Embassy and Indonesian National Education Service picked him as the third-place winner of the Essay Writing Competition about Korea. In 2009, Kompas chose him as the first-place winner of the #IndonesiaUnite Blogger Competition. In 2012, Deutsche Welle invited and fully funded him to go to the DW Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany, as a blogger. In 2023, Wikimedia Indonesia recognized him as one of the Top 10 Children’s Short Story Writers in the Yuwana Project. Brahm was previously a journalist for a lifestyle magazine, an editor for a business magazine, and a copywriter for an integrated marketing communication company.

RieRie Yanti has a bachelor’s degree from Padjadjaran University in French Literature Studies. She has been writing since her childhood and has produced both short stories and poetry. Rie loves writing about animals and small things that happen in her life. She has published three books, Satin Merah (GagasMedia 2010), Bukan Manusia (Lulu 2011), and game Precious Time (Nusa Project 2017).

Warung Fiksi now has more writers to handle the growing need for texts in this industry. Its clients don’t only come from Surabaya, but also from many other cities in Indonesia, as well as from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the U.S.

In Warung Fiksi, we all believes everything begins with the texts. So the words first, then everything you can imagine.

About the Blog

WarungFiksi.net a.k.a. WufiNet shares things about Indonesian culture, nature, and creatures. Why Indonesia? Because, first, the writers are Indonesians. And second, there are literally tons of stories that can be dug out of Indonesia. For instance…
  • The Komodo monster, the world’s largest carnivore lizard that is frequently featured by Hollywood filmmakers, is an Indonesian native dragon.
  • The Indonesian jungle is inhabited by pygmy tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world, with a size as tiny as a mouse.
  • Two of the biggest species of flower on the planet, Titan Arum and Rafflesia arnoldii, grow deep in the Indonesian forest.
  • Borobudur, in Central Java, is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.
  • Indonesia has about 17,500 islands, with 300 ethnicities of people who speak 750 local languages. Each of them retain their cultural mysteries and political intrigues.
  • As well as many more interesting facts.

Sometimes, Wufi also analyzes Indonesian fiction, trends, and topics related to the motivation of writing. For the rest, please explore this blog yourself. Make yourself at home.

And if you have question or feedback, don’t hesitate to write it down on the comment box.


230 thoughts on “About”

  1. mas,wah kayaknya menarik bgt deh,”pemuja oksigen”nya…
    katanya dapat tanda tangan langsung dari penulisnya,,, sekalian foto dan kata-kata bijaknya…gimana?

  2. Saat sedang cari komunitas blog yang hobi baca dan nulis ternyata ketemu blog ini, semakin membaca semakin tertarik. Salam kenal saya sebagai newbie dalam resensi buku mohon panduan dan masukannya.

  3. Saya kira teori satin merah tu beneran ada, ternyata hanya fiksi.. hehehehe
    saluuuuut, saya suka bukunya dan juga blognya
    pelajar yg punya obsesi menjadi penulis tp kemampuannya pas-pas-an seperti saya harusnya sering2 buka blog seperti ini.. nimba ilmu, hehehe

  4. Hi. I have written a children’s book and would like to use this orangutan picture for the front cover. It is perfect to go along with the story entitled Drivel and Dread! What’s that on my head? I need permission or copyright to proceed. The local library is purchasing this book. Please let me know as soon as possible. thank you jansrr@yahoo.ca

  5. Lama, lama sekali ga pernah mengunjungi Warung ini. Selepas bekerja dan mengurus usaha, entah mengapa kok pengen datang ke warung ini. Sambil menyeruput Jus Melon, saya menikmati hidangan di warung ini. Oh my God, my english is not good. Tapi, kata Bondan Winarno, “Maknyus!”.Kalo kata Benu Boelu,”Enak-enak pemirsa, markotop!”. Sajiannya, “Mmmm….yummi!”, kata Si Farah.

    Oke lah kalo begitu, saya sudah kenyang. Besok, tak ke warung ini lagi untuk menyantap menu yang lain.

  6. Hahahaha…saya dah di warung ini lagi. Mmmm…mau menikmati apa, jadi bingung, menunya banyak sih.

    Jangan ditanya konsisten atau tidak, pasti sudah tahu jawabannya, eng ing eng.

    Berbagai usaha telah dijalani dan dilalui, tak semudah yang dibayangkan, dan ditutup. Akhirnya, dibukalah MilzamMie, alhamdulillah sudah akan membuka cabang. Kapan-kapan dolan ke MilzamMie.

    Pekerjaan, meneruskan jejak almarhum, jadi tidak usah disebutkan nama perusahaannya, pasti sudah tahu.

    Kalau sudah di Surabaya, tak hubungi.

    Mmmm….sudah kenyang nih, lagi program diet. Kapan-kapan tak dolan kesini lagi.

    Sukses untuk semua!

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