Nostalgia Marketing: Memanfaatkan Kenangan untuk Jualan

Mengenal Nostalgia dan Memanfaatkannya untuk Kepentingan Marketing

Tahukah Anda, kenangan-kenangan seseorang akan masa lalunya dapat dimanfaatkan untuk strategi nostalgia marketing. Misalnya, kondisi pandemi yang entah kapan berakhir ini. Mau tak mau, di masa seperti ini, orang akan bernostalgia ke masa-masa sebelum virus korona datang. Mereka bisa saja membayangkan, betapa enaknya mereka berkumpul-kumpul, berjalan-jalan, atau melakukan kegiatan apapun saat itu.

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You Can Podcast Too

You can podcast too

Podcast is a hybrid of internet and radio. A quite new way to communicate things profiting the auditory media advantages. It is good not only as a content marketing weapon, but also as a gold miner itself since you are able to tape-in advertisement in your podcast files, do crowdfund, affiliate marketing, sell products, resell, dropship, or offer a podcasting service to companies.

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Blog Routinely with Schedule

A lot of people have blogs. Maybe you do too. However, some of them then have lost their patient to update it. Why? What is the solution? How to blog routinely with passion? Well, I don’t know the reasons why some bloggers became less enthusiastic with this platform, or why a blogger became the ex …

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