How to Create a Heart Touching Story

Heart touching story

To write a story that could make the audience shed tears is a challenge for many authors. In brief, the keywords are three: character, plot, and your insight. Introduce your main character. What is his dream, weakness, struggling, etc. Tell your audience in smooth detail. I mean, make sure they read/watch real people with real problem. Secondly, the plot. Start with an alright condition. When everything seems fine and suddenly something drastic happens, your audiences aren’t so prepared, they’ll empathize. Last, read as many sad movies or novel as you can to give you best insight about how to touch the audience’s emotion. Continue Reading →

Lomba Komik Berhadiah Ratusan Juta Rupiah

Sayembara komik berhadiah total ratusan juta rupiah

Suka mengomik? Kompetisi Komik Indonesia yang diadakan oleh Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif ini jelas buat Anda. Kompetisi ini diadakan untuk menggali potensi-potensi baru komikus Indonesia yang mahir dalam bercerita. Ada yang berpendapat, komikus-komikus Indonesia hanya jago dalam gambar, tidak dalam cerita. Nah, ajang ini merupakan kesempatan untuk membuktikan bahwa anggapan tersebut keliru. Continue Reading →