Happy End, Sad End, or Cliffhanger?

Happy End, Sad End, or Cliffhanger?

The ending may only be a small part of your whole story. But it is crucial. It can make your audience re-read or re-watch your work. So, it is always good to think thoroughly your story’s ending well. You can choose one of three common ends: happy, sad, or cliffhanger. In the end, whichever ending you chose, make sure the main conflict in your story has been resolved. Continue Reading →

Lomba Mengarang Femina 2014/2015

Untuk kesekian kalinya, Sayembara Menulis Cerber dan Cerpen Femina diadakan. Sebagaimana biasa, Femina menyelenggarakannya untuk dua genre sekaligus: cerpen (cerita pendek) dan cerber (cerita bersambung). Bagi Anda yang memiliki stok cerita atau berniat membuat cerita yang sesuai karakteristik majalah Femina, jangan lewatkan ajang tahunan ini. Continue Reading →

A Medicine Called Writing

Write is a cureMaybe you’ve heard this before. Write is an ageless formula, cure for dementia, medication for psychological problem. I proved it many times. When you’re anxious, frustrated, broken heart, just write. It would be even better if it’s longer and more comprehensive than a diary or poem. To write certain problem (and expand or kill it within story) is the cure for the problem. Try it. Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Plagiarist in Cyber World

Let’s admit it, plagiarists are everywhere. Especially on Internet where Ctrl C and Ctrl V is a part of its practice. You may grateful when someone said your post is awesome and he then repost it on his own blog. But you know what, when he did that, your post and his are considered as copied content by duplication detector software. Continue Reading →

Lan Fang, The Wrong Man or The Man Who is Wrong

Lan FangLan Fang, in memoriam Indonesian literary circles mourn following the unexpected death of a prolific writer namely Lan Fang on X-mas yesterday. Lan Fang was born in Banjarmasin, South Borneo, on March 5, 1970. She is first of two daughters of the late Johnny Gautama and Yang Mei Ing. She had her first short story published in Anita Cemerlang magazine in 1986. She was a prolific writer, be for novels and short stories. But now she can no longer write. So long, Lan Fang…. Continue Reading →