Srau Beach, Where You Can Snorkeling, Surfing and Fishing

Hills on Srau beach

It is quite far from downtown. No wonder Srau Beach (Pantai Srau) is so quiet. The nearest village lays on kilometers away. No hotel nor inn, no restaurant around. There are only food stalls providing snacks, instant noodles, teas, and coffees. One more thing that makes the beach is not crowded with tourists: the route. It is narrow, hilly, with a lot of hairpin bends.

However after, all you see is the beauty. The sand. The sea. The wave.

Pantai Srau: A Surfer’s Heaven

Srau beach

You can do snorkeling and surfing. Srau Beach is located at Candi Village, Pringkuku Sub-district, 25 kilometers west from Pacitan Regency, East Java Province. Hidden behind a row of hills, it is one of the surfer’s heaven in Indonesia. At least for intermediate surfers.

The wave type is reef break. It means that the waves are created by the crash of water to the reefs. The area is dominated by big reefs. You, wave riders, must pay attention on that. There is no watch or SAR team in the beach. And you must also anticipate the fact that there is no cellular signal either.

When is the best time to come to Srau for surfing, by the way? According to the local, it is between November and February. At those, the Srau’s wave is magnificent.

3 Surf Spots at Pantai Srau

For your information, Srau Beach is divided into three surf spots:

  1. The Portal. It is located at the back of the ticket portal.
  2. The Pancingan. It is under the reef cliff on the west hill. As its name, Pancingan is often used as a fishing location by fishermen.
  3. The Pandan. It is located just behind Pancingan Hill.

Due to the clear sea water in Srau, it is also the recommended for snorkeling while enjoying the underwater panorama. Unfortunately, there is no surfing or snorkeling equipment rental in Srau Beach. So you have to prepare them by yourself.

Other Attraction at Pantai Srau

Don’t feel like sport such as surfing or snorkeling? You will get the other ideas. Srau beach is also offering the view. Beautiful, white sandy beach with the marvelous reefs.

Try to go hike the short hill. You can go fishing on the reef hill. Or simply catch the sight of amazing southern ocean. Listen to what it whispers.

  • Written by Ineke Trimulyani, a copywriter

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