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Waterpark in Batur AgungLast month, The Bloggers Community of Banyumas held an event called Juguran Blogger Banyumas. “Juguran” is a Banyumasian term, means “gathering”. But the event is never same with other blogger communities. They made it more interesting with a tour and IT workshop, in order to introduce the Banyumas’ villages through Internet.

One of the tour destinations was Batur Agung site in Baseh Village, Kedung Banteng District. Based on a folklore, site of Batur Agung was used as a great asceticism of Raden Kamandaka from Padjajaran Kingdom, West Java.

The site of Batur Agung is actually a twin of Baturraden, because they both are located in the foot of Mount Slamet, Central Java Province. Only, Baturraden is precisely located in Baturraden village (the north of Pandak), while Batur Agung lies at Baseh Village, Banyumas.

Arriving at the location, Juguran participants were welcomed by a gatekeeper who wore a complete traditional costume. He told that the place was previously a place for the chosen gentlemen. He didn’t explain who the chosen gentlemen were. But from that history, this place is then called Batur Agung. “Batur” means “partner”, and “agung” means “special”.

While explaining the history of Batur Agung, the gatekeeper brought the bloggers into a room where the ancient stones are placed. Those are archaeological stuffs. It was also where the followers of all religions in Indonesia prayed.

But don’t think that Batur Agung is just an archaeological place. You can also enjoy the waterpark. It is located a kilometer from parking lot. We can get there by taking special vehicles, decorated in animals form: elephant, tiger, etc. Quite funny! 🙂

In Batur Agung waterpark, you can do rafting. By paying 25,000 IDR, visitor can enjoy that water sport along the 2.5 km river. If they don’t satisfied, they can continue the journey by paying additional cost 75,000 IDR. Unfortunately, the current of the river was decreased so we could not raft. But some participants, including the committee, submerged and played water in that Logawa River. They also tasted the freshness of natural current from the mountains.

Feel hungry? Nothing to worry. You can buy meatball with the price about 7,000 IDR, chicken noodle with 5,000 IDR, or you can buy some snacks.

See the video below. Maybe you say, the place is beautifully ordinary. But, if you visit this with your friends, for celebrating a special moment or community gathering like Banyumas Blogger‘s event, for instance, Batur Agung can be an extraordinary place. Taste it yourself. [photo from]

[youtube width=”637″ height=”516″][/youtube]

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