Going to Kebumen, Don’t Forget the Caves and Beaches

Karang Bolong beach

I hadn’t known whether this regency exists, before. But a friend who had been following a lecture in Jogjakarta then invited me to his wedding in Kebumen. So I went. The town, surprisingly, has many tourism sites. But the most famous of all are the caves and beaches. Here I wrap them up for you.

Cave Tourism

The Jatijajar cave is located in Jatijajar village (Ayah district), 42 kilometers west side of Kebumen. Inside this 250 meters length cave, seven rivers (sendang) flow beautifully. Each of them has its own myth: The water could make you stayed young, make you easily achieve your goal, bla bla bla.

Of course I don’t believe any, and hope you don’t either. Just enjoy the ambiance. There are also statues that tell us story about Lutung Kasarung (monkey prince Kamandaka).

Nearby Jatijajar cave, you see Dempok cave. The stalactite within have been naturally shaped for hundreds or thousand years. It’s gorgeous, visit it. In addition, Intan cave is in same location. You’ll recognize the cave by its not-too-high ceiling. And yes, a little bit hot there.

Seven kilometer to Jatijajar’s south, meet the Petruk cave. Name Petruk reminds us to a loyal follower of Pandawa (protagonist funny characters in Javanese epic). Listen the water is dropping, it’s a nonstop music, echo in eternity. A lot of odd stalagmites’ form, like a sitting dog, Semar (Petruk’s senior), etc.

Cave Tourism

Ayah beach. Located nine kilometers of Jatijajar cave, we find a carpet of sands. You can rent a boat and sail while enjoy the range of hills’ magnificent view. See also the sunset from Kebumen’s point of view.

Don’t miss the Karangbolong beach. The chic hills. The coconut palms’ waving. It’s cool off. The Karangbolong beach has its other beauty, e.g. the corals, the swallow’s nests, and so on.

Pasir beachShift seven kilometer to the west, or 24 kilometer from Gombong regency, we meet Pasir beach. Some believe this coast is one of the Nyi Loro Kidul’s entrances to mainland. Loro Kidul is a queen of South Sea, a supernatural creature. The gate is like an atoll in form of bear drinking on the lake.

But it is not nessesary to have gooseflesh, because this beach actually interesting location to shop the sea harvests. Pasir beach is main place in Kebumen for fish auctionning. No spooky vista at all (at least in my opinion). Only the mix of beautiful sea, elegance mountainous, fertile agriculture and aquaculture area.

Meanwhile, Petanahan beach is in 17 kilometers southwest of Kebumen. Located at Karanggadung village, Petanahan district. The big waves sometime happen cost many men’s life. But the visitor there still pretty crowded. Maybe because they have built an open stage for any folk performance on this area.

There is yet Tanjungbata beach. This coast has the silver steep atoll. Evem the great waves of South Shore has never shaked the valiant atoll. So by the way, this is the background of Tanjungbata (lit. Cape of Brick) naming: It’s strong as giant brick. The location is only seven kilometer from Ayah beach. To get there, you must walk about three kilometers from parking lot.

Near of Tanjungbata, there is Menganti beach. If you have ever visited Kuta beach in Bali, you might feel the same amazement by seeing this white sandy coast. The wave that are not so tough make Menganti beach the ultimate choice for family to relax.


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