Tarzan Pronoun

Tarzan languageI think, this is Malayan language family typical. One uses his own name in dialog, instead of “I”. Like Tarzan when he said, “Tarzan see Jane in danger.” It’s real people dialog, especially in Malayan culture. However, very few people practice this weird style. What kind of people are they?

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Indonesian Author of Fiction

Fiction Author
Big thanks to internet, writers today are connected each other and with their readers. Not merely via social media which requires us to be member, they do blog or have a website. So others can easily contact him/her, to interview, to discuss about certain passion, to give feedback about the works, or simply to embrace him/her. These links will lead you to Indonesian fiction author’s blogs or websites you might want to know. Mostly, they are in Indonesian.

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Through Whose Eyes This Story is Told

Do you prefer to speak your story with I style (“Today I blah-blah-blah ….”) or he style (“Yesterday A went to his college. He blah-blah-blah ….”)? Maybe you determined it by instinct. But actually, the reason behind is simple. First Person Point of View or POV (I). Pick this POV if you want the reader …

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