Kerinci Places in Half Day

Kerinci lake a.k.a. Danau Kerinci

One day, just when I was little bit bored with writing and studying activities, an opportunity came. Someone offered me to go to Kerinci for a vacation. Actually, I could do some research for my novel there, but let’s skip it for now. At the moment, I just wanted to escape from this boredom. So I flow from Surabaya to Jakarta, then Jakarta to Padang.

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I Saw a Rainbow at Watu Ondo

Watu Ondo main waterfall

The sky was so bright, as if it blessed us to go vacation. Iksan, Imey and I, we took our holiday. The destination was fixed. Mojokerto, East Java Province. There’s only two famous places at that regency: Trowulan or Pacet. Iksan had been at Trowulan, so we chose Pacet. Many interesting sites there, actually. Unfortunately, we visited only Watu Ondo waterfall due to limited time.

Watu Ondo, in Javanese term, means stone that forms stairway. Before the Malang-Mojokerto bridge was built, paths around the waterfall was a piled by stones, like stairs. That is way the natives called this place Watu Ondo.

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