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Comic is not a moneymaker industry in Indonesia. However, the spirit of making creative comics never ceases here. Erick Sulaiman is one of those militant comic artists. Has marketed his works progressively and independently (although his two recent books are published by major publishers), Erick is quite success as a comic artist.

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Does A Writer Need to Write on Newspaper before Start the Writing Career?

NewspapersBy Rie Yanti

Literary on newspaper, such as short story, essay, poetry, critique, is interesting. It is high standard of literary, but popular at the same time, and as my friend said, “You see the money sooner.” However, newspaper literary has particular taste that does not always suit every writer. If any contributing writer insists with his own taste, it’s predictable, he will get a refusal. Sooner or later the question come up, “Do I really need to write on paper before start my writing career?”

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Self Publishing or Major Publishing


Yet the old question seems relevant these days: do you self publish or publish your book through major publishing? Self publishing is exhausting. First, get the pre production things done: manuscript, layout and cover design. For legal shake you also should register its copyright and ISBN. Then print it, while calculating the book price (usually five times of production costs). Distribution is the next step. If you hire the professional, they would ask 35-60% discount. Afterward, it’s promotion. That’s all? That’s the beginning! The most thrilling part is to know the public responds. You need to at least reach BEP, don’t you?

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