Hallo Surabaya, A Cozy Resto to Mingle

Hallo Surabaya, A Cozy Resto to Mingle

You can find a lot of unique restaurants in Surabaya. But the one that’s large enough, as far as I know, is Hallo Surabaya. It stands on an area of 2.5 ha in Jalan Bubutan 95. One day in the month of Ramadan, I went there with my programmers, designers, and project managers. What a convenient place to break the fast together.

Hallo Surabaya Resto Building

Hallo Surabaya Resto Building

The building has European-style. It’s actually a heritage building. If you pay attention closely, Hallo Surabaya is the front part of Mardi Santoso Hospital. The hospital was established since the era of Dutch Colonialism.

In Hallo Surabaya Resto, you will find the coffee shop, or terrace cafes. Not to mention the open-air venue with giant screen, playground for children, garden, little mosque, et cetera.

One of the gazebos in Hallo Surabaya

Near main building, there is an area called Rindu Kampung. This is where the exotic village-style gazebos stands. You can chit-chat cozily with your family or friends in one of the 17 gazebos while enjoying meal you ordered.

View of villages in Hallo Surabaya

It’s so village. The gazebos made of palm leaves and bamboo poles. A nuance you don’t see everyday, unless you live in some Indonesian villages.

The Foods and Beverages

Hallo Surabaya Food and Beverage

Aside from the scenery, the dishes of Hallo Surabaya are ready to make your tongue dance. Bandeng Bumbu Bakar (grilled fish), for example. The menu is a typical dish of Hallo Surabaya. Adopting Sundanese grill process and spicy flavor à la Surabaya, this is really worth a try.

A stage for entertain visitors in Hallo Surabaya

Pair it with featured beverage of the resto: Green Hallo Surabaya Juice! It is made from green cabbage mixed with mango and lime. Mm, delicioso! It’s very unique. And healthy, particularly if you don’t add sugar in it.

Food and beverage in Hallo Surabaya are delioso

However, in Hallo Surabaya, your option is between dozens of local, national or multi-local foods and beverages. The order system is commonly like any food court. Some tenants provide a variety of dishes such as grills, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabian, and Italian (gelato) culinary. Order as you like, and eat at any spot you want.

Spots in Hallo Surabaya

Spots in Hallo Surabaya

Hallo Surabaya Resto consists of three parts. The inner part of the building is hall that also functions to a meeting or party room for more than 300 guests. The porch is a part with European style of architecture. And the courtyard, which is the most beautiful part outdoor, with the fountain pond and some rustic gazebos.

Additionally, Hallo Surabaya has also one large parking lot.

Plenty space in Hallo Surabaya

So, if you run out of ideas where to eat in Surabaya. If you search for eating place with unique view. I think, Hallo Surabaya suits you. Try it. The restaurant is open every Monday-Friday at 11:00 to 22:00, and Saturday-Sunday at 11:00 to 23:00.

  • Photos by Brahmanto Anindito

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