Personal Branding with Books

Write a book is part of your personal branding strategy

Bagi Anda yang profesinya bukan penulis, saya tanya, apa manfaat menulis buku bagi Anda? Mungkin sebagian akan menjawab tidak ada manfaatnya. Wah, sepertinya yang menjawab seperti ini bukan orang yang biasa baca buku ya 🙂 Lalu, ada juga jawaban untuk menambah pendapatan. Ya, boleh-boleh saja. Apa lagi? Beramal pengetahuan untuk orang banyak? Sudah pasti. Terus, apa lagi?

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Content is King

It’s an old saying that’s more and more proved true nowadays. But in this era of “copy-paste”, there are a lot of kings, I think. The content deluge is not beyond, it’s already here! They use content for marketing or self expression. The top companies have active blogs. Suddenly, every netizen is content writer. Spam …

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Sparkling Surabaya: A Branding Journey

A parade starts from Grahadi building

Throughout this May, a shopping party entitled The 2011 Surabaya Shopping Festival (SSF) is being held. The massive discounts for food, electronic, fashion products and so on are scattered over 18 malls. Want to enjoy it, please do. Today is the last day. Want to be upset, go ahead.

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