My 2012 Writing Resolution

Let's drink for our goalsIt has been a week since we live in 2012, and I did not make a writing resolution yet. Actually, I never publicized my resolution. But I have learned that it is hard to achieve any goal when you just keep it for yourself. So, I am going to put it in writing on the Internet, therefore I will face public humiliation when I give up 🙂 Okay, this is nine wonderful things that I am going to accomplish in 2012:

  1. Publish two thriller novels via traditional publisher(s).
  2. Sharpen my writing skill by reading the good ones, be from a popular or unpopular author.
  3. Grow’s traffic twice.
  4. Get more clients for Warung Fiksi’s service.
  5. Develop and maintain another professional web of my passion.
  6. Restart the habit of write for traditional media.
  7. Work out routinely for the sake of my health of body and soul.
  8. Get more religious in everyday life.
  9. Spend more quality time with family and friends. We are a writer, not a hermit. And I want to be a good husband, anyway.

Look, those are not turgid. I believe I can walk them all this year. But I am naïf (or cocky) if I say it’s a piece of cake. I can fail, like we all do. All I know is, I am right now constantly trying to reach those. Or else, my life is falling to boredom in this beautiful 2012.

18 Replies to “My 2012 Writing Resolution”

  1. Rie

    Resolusinya ditambah ya:

    10. Bantu aku garap buku. Paling nggak, jadi konsultan atau bantu riset gitulah. Ya, ya, yaaaaa?

  2. Brahmanto Anindito Post author

    Sebenarnya semua sudah detail tolok ukurnya di catatanku, Pak. Cuma di sini, untuk hal2 yg terlalu pribadi/mengandung “rahasia negara”, sengaja dipublikasikan secara general gitu. Hehehe….

    Judulnya kurang pas ya? Hm, kalau gitu kuralat, rasanya lbh tepat: “My 2012 Resolution as A Writer” :))


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