Write for Ears Opportunity in PodCastle

PodCastle is looking for fantasy stories. PodCastle opens to all the sub-genres of fantasy, from magical realism to urban fantasy to slipstream to high fantasy, and everything in between. Fantastical or non-real content should be meaningful to the story.

If you have a science fiction story, please send it to our sister podcast, Escape Pod. Horror fiction should be directed to Pseudopod. The dividing line between horror and fantasy can be tricky. PodCastle is open to dark fantasy.

PodCastle primarily interested in two lengths of fiction, which the PodCastle has dubbed (somewhat arbitrarily) “short fiction” and “flash fiction.”

  • Short Fiction: 2,000-6,000 words for $100.
  • Flash Fiction: Up to 1,000 words for $20.

PodCastle prefers reprints, or works with a prior publication credit. The PodCastle defines “publication” as any venue that paid you money for your work, online or on paper. Unpublished work will be considered as well. But if your story’s good enough for it to buy it, it’s probably good enough to sell to another market first. Why not try to get two audiences and two checks?

PodCastle.org is an audio magazine. Our audience can’t skim past the boring parts. While the magazine appreciates beautiful stories, those that feature beautiful language at the expense of plot may not translate well. Above all, PodCastle is looking for stories that are fun to listen to. Humor is encouraged.

PodCastle hopes to publish fiction reflecting the full range of settings and tropes found in fantasy fiction. PodCastle would particularly like to see more stories set outside America, and stories that feature characters who represent a range of backgrounds and ethnicities.

Send your stories via e-mail, in plain text format, at the address submit@PodCastle.org. The Subject line of that email should: “Submission: [Title of Your Story].” And in the body of the message, include the following information:

  1. Your real name.
  2. Your mailing address. (If you don’t give it, it will pay you by PayPal.)
  3. A cover letter, listing salient workshops and degrees, and your three to five most recent publications (if you have them). Also, provide information about the publishing history of the piece. Has it been published before? If so, where? Is there anything PodCastle needs to know about the availability of audio rights?
  4. The word count of the story, rounded to the nearest hundred words.
  5. The story’s byline. (Omit if it’s your legal name.)
  6. The text of the story. Use single spacing with blank lines between paragraphs and _underscores_ for emphasis.

Please, do not include:

  1. A description or synopsis of your story. Your work has to stand on its own, a pitch won’t help you sell it to PodCastle, and the magazine would rather read it as the audience will receive it—without any preconceptions.
  2. Biographical information about yourself.
  3. Images or other attached files.
  4. Reviews (or excerpts of reviews) of the story you’re submitting, or any other publications of yours.

If PodCastle accepts your story, it will send you a contract as a PDF file in e-mail. You will sign it and send it back to PodCastle via e-mail (after scanning it), fax, or postal mail. Payment will come via check or Pay Pal, at a rate of $100 for short fiction and $20 for flash fiction.

PodCastle’s audio files are released under a Creative Commons license. Specifically, PodCastle uses the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license. Briefly, this means that the entire world has permission to distribute the podcast for free, provided they give credit for it, don’t try to make money off of it, and don’t change it in any way. Transcribing it, extracting portions from it beyond fair use, and mashing it up are all prohibited.