Whispering Sands of Bromo

Whispering Sands of Bromo

Exhausted by rafting in Probolinggo, we headed to Cemara Indah Hotel. We checked in for five rooms. Oh God, this drowsiness was so real. I fell down in the hotel room. But this wasn’t the end of journey. In few hours, we would continue it to the Mount Bromo.

Ah, talking about Bromo is also talking about two things: sand sea and stunning view of sunrise/sunset. I could hardly wait for being there.

Sunday, 3 O’Clock

We were picked up by two rented hardtops. Our destination was Penanjakan, the most strategic point if you want to enjoy sunrise’s vista in Bromo. It’s not so far from Mount Semeru. With sleepy eyes, we started cars engine.

Bromo. This mountain stands on four regions: Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang regency. This is the most popular tourist site in East Java province. The volcano Bromo is still active. It erupted every 30 years. Luckily, the last eruption was in 2004, so we were safe theoretically.

The trip through west door from Pasuruan Regency to the sand sea was quiet difficult. The field couldn’t be reached by usual car due to the steep slopes. You would need a jeep. Actually, many jeeps are for rent there, but a lot of tourists chosen to just walk.

It’s a different case if you go through the north door from before Probolinggo, i.e. Tongas Region. We will head to Cemoro Lawang village before descending to the sand sea. The slopes here are not too steep. Even motorcycle can pass by. We were in this way.

However, if you’re an adventurer, try the other alternative: from Malang regency, enter the Tumpang Town. Then, enter more to Pronojiwo. You will across very beautiful nature preserve. From here, you will also meet T-intersection:

  • To the south is Ranu Pane, the way to Mount Semeru
  • To the north is the sand sea which located in back of mount Bromo’s southern

If you go through this way, you would be found another secret of Bromo: The sight of wide savanna and flowers field behind this 2,392 meters high mountain. It’s really contrast with the north side which is barren and dusty.

Whatever your choice, Bromo is Bromo, a tourism object where you should go to, at least once in a lifetime. To walk in the middle of the dark night (usually for chasing the sunrise as we did) is also fascinating. You can watch the concrete stake people set (on purpose) for giving clues to the temple.

Are you lost? Don’t panic, neither continue the trip. Just wait from where you are. Usually, starting 2 a.m. some horseman who rent out the horse moved across the sand sea. Ask him for direction. He would help you, and give you a Tengger tribe’s smile as a bonus.

Penanjakan, at 4.30

Penanjakan, at 4.30
We arrived at Penanjakan at 4.30. The weather was so chill, moreover for the skinny me. But it didn’t discourage us to walk in direction of observation post. From the parking area, we walked in hurry through the merchants of something like headgears, shawls, gloves, thick shocks, or food/beverage.

This was Sunday. There were crowd who had the same idea with us: To see the sunrise from Bromo’s point of view. Unfortunately, the cloudy hanged on the sky made the sun’s red light wasn’t staying any longer.

So, we just continued the trip to the mountain’s summit after 6.30. Listen to the whispering sands of Bromo. Admiring this God’s creation. And of course, held a “photo session” there. We returned to the hotel at 8.30.

  • Article and photos by Boby Ferry Firmansyah

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