Welcome Aboard, Kualanamu!

Aerial view of Kualanamu Airport

Aerial view of Kualanamu Airport. Photo from Wikimedia.org.

Officially, Kualanamu International Airport has replaced Polonia, North Sumatra Province, as international airport in the area of Medan City. As we know, Polonia Airport is improperly located in the center of the city. It made the planes had difficulty to takeoff due to the short runway.

The Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan, said the Polonia Medan Airport soon would be returned to Indonesian Air Force, the owner.

Kualanamu Airport as replacement is far better. Not only the facilities, the spot alone is pretty ideal. It is located in Deli Serdang Regency, about 39 kilometers trip from Medan. The airport was a former oil palm plantation of PT Perkebunan Nusantara II, Tanjung Morawa.

Now, Kualanamu International Airport (KNIA or KNO for IATA) becomes the second biggest airport in Indonesia, built on 1,365 hectares area. The terminals are able to manage 8.1 million passengers a year, or about 22,000 passengers a day. PT Angkasa Pura II planned it to manage 22.1 million passengers a year in the future.

Train in airport

Train in airport. Photo from Viva.co.id.

How to get there?

Of course, you can go to Kualanamu Airport by taxi or with your own vehicle. However, public transportations would be cheaper. Your option is between bus and train.

  1. By bus. DAMRI, a state-owned bus company, has new routes for Kualanamu. Also, an inner-city bus called Trans Medan.
  2. By train. Rail link carries passengers from and to Medan 15 times a day, with a capacity up to 172 passengers each.

This is the first integrated Airport rail link in Indonesia. City check-in and electronic tickets are also available. You know, when I went to Germany, Frankfurt Airport to be precisely, I was impressed how every mode of transportation is integrated. And glad to see that such convenience finally arrive in Indonesia. A little slow, but we’ll catch up 🙂

Speaking of which, Kualanamu’s check-in area is larger than any of Indonesian airports’. There are 80 check-in counters that apply the BHS (Baggage Handling System). And it’s publicly accessible, so you don’t have to have the tickets to enter this area.

Kuala Namu International Airport is plotted to be Asian Regional Hub with South Korea’s Incheon International Airport as sister airport. The Incheon operator will assist Kualanamu operator to be a world-class airport. Let’s see the result in these 2-3 years.

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  1. Brahmanto Anindito Post author

    Mana kalimat yang menunjukkan aku sudah ke sana? Hehehe… Ini bukan review, Pak, ini sekadar informasi, menyambut beroperasinya bandara baru yang menjanjikan. Ini juga mengingatkanku pada Bandara Frankfurt yang serba terintegrasi antar moda. Aku belum pernah ke Kualamanu Medan, Pak. Tapi sudah pernah ke Bandara Changi, Amsterdam, Cologne, dan Frankfurt. Masa’ nggak boleh ikut senang dan woro-woro kalau ada salah satu (atau beberapa) bandara kita yang sudah sedikit mirip dengan bandara-bandara luar itu? 😀


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