Wanted! Travel Story for Miami Herald

Well written, well researched stories that Miami Herald cannot easily get on the wires. That’s it’s looking for. Miami Herald tends to buy more for theme issues (see its Editorial Calendar). To be considered, copy for theme issues must be received four to six weeks in advance of the publication date.

Your best bets are stories about Latin America, the Caribbean, Florida and any destination in which children are an integral part of the experience.

The Herald is glad to look at any finished manuscript on speculation only. You may submit those to travel@MiamiHerald.com (only by email). Please indicate the subject matter in the reference line. And unfortunately, Miami Herald cannot respond to queries and discourage phone calls due to of time pressures.

It doesn’t make assignments to freelancers. Also, Miami Herald doesn’t permit use of its name in order to obtain free or reduced travel or accommodations.

Miami Herald tends to hold onto to stories for a good bit of time to see if they will fit with their editorial schedule. Because of the high volume of submissions, Miami Herald is unable to respond to each writer individually. Please give at least 2-3 months before asking unless there is a specific time element Miami Herald need to address.

If a writer has accepted subsidies in researching the story, s/he must disclose that fact to The Herald. All destination articles must be accompanied by an information box that contains:

  • Lodging recommendations in luxury, moderate and low budget categories. Please include at least one B&B when possible. (3 to 5 total lodgings preferred). Be sure to include a description of the lodging, prices and contact information.
  • Dining recommendations in a variety of price ranges. Include at least 3 eateries.
  • When to go: times of year for high and low season, plus dates of major festivals and special events.
  • Destination highlights: beyond what you’ve written about, any “not to miss” aspects of the destination.

Writers must sign an agreement which gives The Miami Herald Media Company non-exclusive publication rights. Unless otherwise specified, payment is made on publication and covers print territorial rights in the South Florida distribution area, i.e. Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties.

Rates range from $300 for a lead, $200 for a normal-length article, $25 for photographs used in black-and-white and $75 for photographs used in color, with a cap of $500 for a story/photo package with multiple images. Miami Herald pays $250 for a Quick Trip package, including story, go box and photo.