5 Fabulous Gemstones from Indonesia

Recently, the gemstones is trending in Indonesia. Did you know, there are five considered high demand gemstones in the world, which are mined in Indonesia. Due to their gorgeousness, and trend factor also, the price of each polished gemstone can reaches more than 5,000 USD. These are those gemstones: Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of Ketupat

Every Eid ul-Fitr day, in muslim’s house there is almost always ketupat. It is a staple food made from rice, wrapped by coconut leaves. I thought it is from Indonesia. But in fact ketupat or kupat also can be found in Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and Philippines. It is not also served only in Eid ul-Fitr. In Bali, ketupat is also used as ceremony presents. Continue Reading →

Luwak Coffee, the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Luwak loves the fine coffee fruitDon’t claim yourself a coffee lover or a gourmet if you never drank luwak coffee. Yes, luwak coffee. Or kopi luwak in Indonesian. It’s not a kind of coffee made from luwak (palm civet a.k.a. Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Just, the production process involves civets. This little mammal lives on the trees and eats the chosen coffee fruit. And it takes only a healthy civet to produce good quality coffee bean. Continue Reading →

The Famous Padang Cuisine

Mostly, cities in Indonesia have Padang Restaurant, or at least Padang hut. It is popular too internationally. Do you know it? The cuisine of the Minangkabau (a land of around West Sumatra province) people is commonly called Padang cuisine, due to it is the central and largest city of the region. Padang food is famed for its spicy and unique way it being served. All the dishes are displayed at a glass counter near the entrance for customers to select their favorites. I think this is an ancient tactic to whet one’s appetite. Continue Reading →