Fastest Way to Write a Realistic Dialogue

People makes dialogue

People talks. That is the fact. So, a good fiction should have the dialogue. The problem is, writing realistic dialogues could be hard. Here are some tips, anyway.

  1. Make the main character based on you. So all you have to do is think, “What would I say in this situation?”
  2. Listen to real people conversation. There is nothing wrong with sitting in public places and listening to what and how others say. In public places, every voices belong to public.
  3. Read the dialogue orally. Record, if it is necessary, and play it. If you feel that it is a book who’s talking (instead of people), remake it. Still not sure it is working? Call some friends, and read it out loud in front of them. Listen to their opinion about your dialogue.

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Apa Itu Dejalu dalam Fiksi?

Sudah tahu dejavu, kan? Nah, sekarang mari bahas dejalu dalam fiksi

Sama seperti dejavu (déjà vu yang berarti harfiah “sudah lihat”), dejalu (déjà lu yang berarti harfiah “sudah baca”) juga kosakata Prancis. Dejalu adalah suatu alur atau ide cerita yang sudah pernah dibaca, bahkan berkali-kali alias klise, sehingga Anda sebagai pembaca mudah menebak arahnya.

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