Airport in Indonesia

This is the full list of airports in Indonesia. There is a variation of airport taxes. In case you need to know, for domestic flight, the lowest tax is about 9,000 IDR (Gorontalo, Palu), and the highest is about 75,000 IDR (Surabaya). For international flights, the lowest is about 75,000 IDR (Medan, Pekanbaru, Bandung, Pontianak), and the highest is about 100,000 IDR (Aceh, Jakarta, Padang, Palembang).

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Prestasi Park or Frustration Park?

Prestasi Park

Since 2007, Surabaya has achieved some proud of developing the public parks. Leafless zones have been conjured up to beautiful gardens. Few gas stations that built on green area were removed in favor of “Surabaya Goes Green” ambition. Like Flora Park, Bungkul Park, ITS forest, etc. But one we’re talking about now is Taman Prestasi (Achievement Park).

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