5 Fabulous Gemstones from Indonesia

Recently, the gemstones is trending in Indonesia. Did you know, there are five considered high demand gemstones in the world, which are mined in Indonesia. Due to their gorgeousness, and trend factor also, the price of each polished gemstone can reaches more than 5,000 USD. These are those gemstones: Continue Reading →

Jailolo, Where the Story May Begin

Beautiful Mangrove in Jailolo Bay

Beautiful mangrove in Jailolo Bay. Source: Teluk Jailolo’s Pinterest

As a thriller novelist, I always look for a unique, real setting for my stories. Unquestionably, I don’t want those stories set in the middle of nowhere, because it would seem lame. I’m not comfortable either with the stories set overseas. My focus is always Indonesia: from Sabang to Merauke. Let’s say, this is part of my gratitude for the gift of being born in a cultural-rich country like Indonesia. Continue Reading →