Future of Creative People in Indonesia

Creative people

The developed countries who have poor natural resources, they have proven how a brilliant idea can be a weapon to conquer the world. Look at the “tiny” Japan and Swiss, world class products was made there. People says, this is now the conceptual era. This is where the creative industry born.

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The Strongest Reason to Write

Strongest-Reason-of-WritingOne always has a reason behind thing she does. So do the writers when write. I myself write simply because I want to write. That’s all. You may say, it’s a shallow reason. But I think otherwise. Let me use the love analog. If a woman ask her man, “Why do you love me?”, and he reply, “Because you’re gorgeous, rich, smart,” do you believe that’s a good answer?

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Give that Monkey to the Publisher

monkeyDo you ever feel nothing you can do about your own finished draft, but you know that you need something to improve it somehow? This is not a writer’s block because you have passed the writing phase. This is editor’s block! What are you going to do now? Well, maybe it’s time to give the monkey to the publisher. The … what?

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Take A Look Around for Writing Inspiration

Waiting for inspiration

Pretty often, we the writers are attacked by a so-called laziness virus. Doing research for the next story for a time bores us too. It’s stressful! How to make a story without feel it as a burden? If it’s your question (and was mine), here the dos list I suggest:

  1. Go out. Take adventure beyond the routines. Like Jean-Mari Gustave Le Clézio, the 2008’s Nobel Prizewinner in the field of literature, did. It will give you things to write.
  2. Listen to other’s story. You will amaze how your ordinary friends have quite interesting experience. At least, it can be a trigger for your work.
  3. You love the songs? Ok. Listen to the lyrics, not merely the music. Sometime it’s inspiring enough as a starting point.
  4. Or, just take a look around you. Believe it or not, every object near you has a meaning. You just need to be more critical and imaginative about objects that used to be insignificant to you.

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