The Legendary and The New Dewaruci

“You, up! Climb the main mast!” the giant ship’s commander told a cadet. Starred straight to that 35.9 meters high pole, the cadet’s gut was immediately shrunken. But in the military life, there is no way you can dispute your chief. So the cadet started to climb. He made it, at last. Although it took …

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Indonesian Military Terms

Military person communicates each other in specific jargon

Have you noticed that the military persons always communicate each other with terms that seem deliberately complicated? Yes, they love very much acronyms and abbreviations. In Indonesia, there has been a widespread use of military acronyms and abbreviations, which facilitates an efficient communication among experts. But meanwhile, it also complicates communication with the public and the international community who are interested to such subject.

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Who the Hell is Densus 88

Densus 88 attackLately, Indonesian media have been dominated by the issues of Densus 88. The televisions, radios and newspapers are talking about it. Who the hell is Densus 88, anyway? Well, special Detachment 88 a.k.a. Delta 88 a.k.a. Densus (Detasemen Khusus) 88 is the Indonesian counter-terrorism squad. It is part of the Indonesian National Police. Formed after the 2002 Bali bombing, it was officially announced to public in 2004. In 2005, it shot and killed Dr. Azhari Husin, one of the most dangerous bombers in the world. And now it aims Noordin Mohd Top, Azhari’s student. After the explosion in JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotel, of course it’s a busy time. On the other side, since Densus 88 is funded, equipped, and trained by the United States, it must also prove that Densus 88 is purely fight against terrorism felony, not Islam.

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Mari Bicara tentang Intelijen


When you write a thriller, creating an intelligence-typical person is quiet unavoidable. The thriller protagonist is able to predict potential felony. So is the intelligence in real world. Intelligence is the product of evaluated information, valued for its currency and relevance, rather than its detail or accuracy. The term “intelligence” refers also to information gatherer, whether is human (agent) or organization (CIA, FSB, M16, Mossad, BIN, AIO, or private intel organization as well). Nowadays, intelligence activities are not merely for war interest or killing someone subversive. For instance, there are business intelligence, relationship intelligence, heritage intelligence (even no rivalry here), etc. Brief, motivation behind every intelligence actions is to prevent the bad or ensure the good happens.

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