Growing Pains

When you were a toddler, you had probably ever cranky about the pain on your foot. There was no injury or wound, but pain happened. When your teeth started to grow and your gums ached. Or, when your last molar was about to appear. Those are few instances of growing pains, the pain due to …

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Ideas to Fill Your Idea Bank

IdeaAs a writer, we know how important is an idea (sorry, I think it’s not only writers). Bad news is, it comes whenever it wants, randomly. Good news is, you can always catch it through a simple tool called idea bank, be a note or a handheld gadget. And these are activities to fill that idea bank:

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Indonesian Author of Fiction

Fiction Author
Big thanks to internet, writers today are connected each other and with their readers. Not merely via social media which requires us to be member, they do blog or have a website. So others can easily contact him/her, to interview, to discuss about certain passion, to give feedback about the works, or simply to embrace him/her. These links will lead you to Indonesian fiction author’s blogs or websites you might want to know. Mostly, they are in Indonesian.

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