Where do You Put Your Books?

The number of our books continues to grow each year. Thus, we need additional space. How do you deal with that? Should we just provide new room annually? Well, it wouldn’t as easy as upgrading a web space. Or, should we keep the good books and throw out the not-so-good ones? It is also difficult …

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How to Create a Heart Touching Story

Heart touching story

To write a story that could make the audience shed tears is a challenge for many authors. In brief, the keywords are three: character, plot, and your insight. Introduce your main character. What is his dream, weakness, struggling, etc. Tell your audience in smooth detail. I mean, make sure they read/watch real people with real problem. Secondly, the plot. Start with an alright condition. When everything seems fine and suddenly something drastic happens, your audiences aren’t so prepared, they’ll empathize. Last, read as many sad movies or novel as you can to give you best insight about how to touch the audience’s emotion.

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FAQ (Frequently Accused-Questions) to Fiction Writers

Evil judgeHave you, as a fiction author, ever been asked by people pretended to know everything about work of writing and publishing? Were you boxed into a corner by those questions? I was. I have ever faced few “judges” like that. But I never give a damn, ha-ha. I have a list of what did my friends negatively say about work of fiction. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to translate those into English. But I bet you already knew things like: all fiction writers are liar, a words waster, ones who live in imagination without seeing the real world, blah. Insignificant accusations that can be easily countered.

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3 Things to Build Your Personal Library

Do you want to share books and knowledge to others? To organize your reading materials? To familiarize your family (especially children in the house) to see and to love books? To be considered as an intellect? Whatever it is, build a personal library is indeed a good idea. And here are things you need to …

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Mind Mapping for Fiction Writing

Mind mapping exampleDo you make a skeleton before writing your work of fiction? I do. It is important for me. The skeleton is like a railroad that makes the machinist saves his time from thinking all the time, “Where do I go after this station?” You can say, skeleton for a novel is the same as scenario for a movie. The audience does not need it, but the storymakers do.

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