Deadly Blades from Indonesia

Indonesian bladesUntil today, some tribes in Indonesia use traditional weapons as tools for hunting, self-defensing, and yes, attacking someone or something. Even more, some people who still believe in superstitious think that traditional weapons are surrounded by mystical power. Take keris for instance. Continue Reading →

Kebaya: a Culture, a Couture

La haute couture. Kebaya in a fashion show.

La haute couture. Kebaya in a fashion show.

When I was a child, I didn’t like this traditional cloth. I don’t know exactly why. I just couldn’t see the elegance of kebaya. Or maybe it’s just because I rarely saw a beautiful, sexy and modern woman wore it. You know, kebaya is made of sheer material such as silk, thin cotton or nylon, with semi-transparent appearance. So, if a fatty lady wears kebaya, people can easily see her fats pop up everywhere, though its brocade or floral pattern embroidery will cover some part of them. Continue Reading →

Hallo Surabaya, A Cozy Resto to Mingle

A gazebo in Hallo SurabayaYou can find a lot of unique restaurants in Surabaya. But the one that’s huge enough, as far as I know, is Hallo Surabaya. It stands on an area of 2.5 ha in Jalan Bubutan 95. The building has European-style. Of course, it’s actually a heritage building. Hallo Surabaya is the front part of Mardi Santoso Hospital that established since the era of Dutch colonialism. Continue Reading →