Everything is Here, in Balekambang Park

Adult deer is trying to protect its children around Taman Balekambang (and me too)

We didn’t think, at first, that Balekambang Park was our main destination in Surakarta or Solo City. But now we know, it’s a mandatory attraction when we revisit Solo someday. The park itself reminded me of Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). Only, Taman Balekambang is smaller and doesn’t have Istana Negara (Bogor Presidential Palace). Continue Reading →

Deadly Blades from Indonesia

Indonesian bladesUntil today, some tribes in Indonesia use traditional weapons as tools for hunting, self-defensing, and yes, attacking someone or something. Even more, some people who still believe in superstitious think that traditional weapons are surrounded by mystical power. Take keris for instance. Continue Reading →

Mandala Bhakti, the Museum of Indonesian Armed Forces

Mandala Bhakti Museum at night

Mandala Bhakti Museum at night. Photo from hope-organizer.com.

This is one of the museums of Indonesian military. It’s located at Jalan Soegijapranata 1, Semarang, right in front of Tugu Muda monument, near Lawang Sewu. The building of Mandala Bhakti Museum was designed by a Dutch architect, I. Kuhr E, around 1930s. Continue Reading →