Kampoeng Ilmu Could be Better Than This

Kampong ambience in Kampoeng Ilmu

It was a long holiday. We, a team of Warung Fiksi, had some writing jobs. So we just researched and wrote, at the office. Unfortunately, you can’t always do the research online. Thus, we also had to hunt some necessary books. We went to several big bookstores in Surabaya: Gramedia, Toga Mas, Rumah Buku, and Uranus, with no result. It’s time to go to Kampoeng Ilmu, then!

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Tenderness of Young Goat’s Meat

A serve of sate Barongan

At Sepanjang street, Sidoarjo, you may possibly bump into this view: a pushcart display of a goat meat. The goat is about still intact, fresh, and small (that means it is still young). Sweet-scented smoke that signifies a grill emerges. You’re quite monk if you don’t drool in seconds. Warung Sate Barongan Pak Uniq (Mr. Uniq’s Barongan Brochettes Stall), that’s the name of this stand, open from noon until night.

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Kawasan Bodri Surabaya: Yang Antik Yang Dicari

Bodri area

Anda mengagumi benda-benda kuno bernilai seni? Jalan Bodri Surabaya mungkin bisa jadi alternatif perburuan Anda. Jalan yang tidak terlalu panjang yang terletak di sebelah barat Gelora Pancasila, bersebelahan dengan Jalan Indragiri. Di Jalan Bodri, Anda akan mendapati deretan pedagang barang antik berjajar rapi.

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Be Creative with Tobucil and Klabs

Be Creative with Tobucil & Klabs

When you are in Bandung City, don’t hesitate to knock on Tobucil & Klabs’ door. Physically, it is a mini-bookstore. But it also sells the handmade creations like accessories, knitting yarn, tools for knitting or crocheting, block notes, et cetera. There are a lot of cultural activities too.

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