Blood Trail in Kebo Edan Temple

Kebo Edan Temple, an ancient place, but preserves a lot of knowledge
In order to collect some data for my visual novel, Revival of Queen Leyak, I flew to Bali Island from Surabaya. The main destination was Gianyar, a center of ancient kingdoms in Bali, Indonesia. The one that appealed to me was Kebo Edan Temple, or local people called it Pura Kebo Edan. A lot of precious archaeological relict you can find there, as a link to answer some questions about Hindu Kingdoms in Indonesia. Continue Reading →

Ride on Pekalen’s Pounding River

To the rafting start location

It seems like we have been planning this since centuries. Whirled by the works, we decided to go to Probolinggo to chill out our heads with Pekalen River‘s pounding water. It’s a rafting, Dude! The team, made of 14 persons, went from Surabaya at 6 o’clock in the morning. We reached up Probolinggo about four hours later. The receptionist at Songa Rafting’s basecamp then gave us a welcome smile. Continue Reading →