Hear the Angklung, Hear the Singing Bamboo

Angklung performers with the conductor in concert

I felt so sleepy that night. But when I was playing switch channels as usual, my eyes tethered on Metro TV. Kick Andy, a program similar to Oprah Show, was broadcasting a story of angklung performers’ group. Ah, angklung. I knew this traditional music instrument by school lesson a long time ago, but never been attracted like that night. Hence, no more sleepy eyes. Continue Reading →

Cruising to Indonesia

Norwegian Jewel cruiserStar Cruises, a cruise line centered in Hong Kong, has interested to open a new route that stop in Surabaya. According to Sammy Chan, Assistant Vice President Business Development of Star Cruises, the cruisers which may enter Surabaya are SuperStar Virgo (1,870 passengers capacity), SuperStar Libra (1,480 passengers capacity), SuperStar Aquarius (1,529 passengers capacity), and Star Pisces (1,287 passengers capacity). Certainly it’s a significant number for Surabaya tourism. Continue Reading →