Surabaya, Becoming Cyber City in Its 715th Anniversary

You don’t have to worry about internet access by the time you reach Surabaya. We can find it everywhere. Surabaya Municipal Government is recently adding 36 more hotspots. As I know, it has already installed 37 hotspots before in these locations:

  • Bappeko (Agency for Municipal Development) Office.
  • Prestasi, Surya, Bungkul and Flora Park.
  • Kandangan 2 and 3 Elementary Schools.
  • State Junior High School 1, 13, 15, and 29.
  • State High School 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10.
  • District Office of Semampir, Pabean Cantikan, Tandes, Pakal, Karangpilang, Benowo, Wonocolo and Rungkut.
  • Local Government Clinic of Pegirian, Tanah Kalikedinding, and Balongsari.
  • Soewandhi Local Government Hospital and Paru Hospital.
  • PKK (family welfare program) Office of Tambaksari.
  • DPRD (assembly at municipal) Surabaya.
  • Tidiness and Garden Service, and Internal Industry Service.
  • Archive and Library Committee.
  • Pemuda Public Hall.
  • Branch of Tax Service at Simokerto.

This is a cooperative program between Surabaya Municipal Government and East Java Telkom Divre V, Inc. who has CSR agenda to spread internet to East Java citizen. Meanwhile, private institutions/companies also race each other to provide their customers access of internet. I saw hotspots (and occasionally used it myself) in universities, hotels, cafés, food courts, etc.

Never disconnect the world in SurabayaAs a service and commerce city, Surabaya seems like trying to be a cyber city since one year ago. Not only by installing the hotspots in public areas, but also by fixing its administration matters. Now police departments, districts, subdistricts, libraries, and many government services are moving to one trend: Paperless.

That means efficiency and productivity!

Although in my opinion this old city needs some time to bring that dream to reality, I think this is a breakthrough. Not even Jakarta as Indonesia capital city has started the same progressive step. [photo by Gde]


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