Sormag, a Vehicle for Getting Your Name Exposure

Sormag (Shades of Romance Magazine) is an online magazine for readers and writers which is published bi-monthly. It is an award winning guide for readers and writers of multicultural literature. It features interviews, book reviews, articles about the craft of writing and the business part of writing, book promotion, literary news and short stories.

This is a great vehicle for getting exposure of your name, website or books. New writers are especially encouraged to submit their work. Sormag also welcome submissions and inquiries from published authors.

It will feature two articles based on the theme for each month. This is the themes. Remember, the deadline is always on first date of its previous month.



January Family Literacy (annual issue)
February Writing the Book
March Resources on the Net (annual issue)
April Getting the Call
May Book Readers
June Reaching Your Goals
July Agent Hunting
August Staying Out of the Slush Pile
September Online Marketing Anniversary Issue
October The Business of Writing
November Time Management
December Children Books

Themes are subject to change. Please check Sormag website before submitting queries.

Sormag is also accepting queries on other topics that you feel will fit this type of magazine.
Take a moment to look at the current issue of the magazine to get a feel of what they look for. Basically, it is accepting submissions:

  • Devotionals: inspirational thoughts on writing (200-500 words).
  • Articles on how to market your writing (500-800 words).
  • Articles on the business of writing, promoting and selling fiction (500-800 words).
  • Fillers: tips on freelancing time management, writing exercises, etc. (200-500 words).
  • Humorous anecdotes, essays regarding writing, the writing life and articles that would be of interest to multicultural book readers (200-500 words).
  • Short Story (500-1500 words). It must focus on the romance, and have an upbeat ending. All genres are considered, including historical, contemporary, paranormal, mystery, regency futuristic, and time-travel.

This is a multicultural magazine, submissions should be geared toward the multicultural reader/writer. And please remember, Sormag doesn’t publish erotica, horror, graphic sex or language.

No unsolicited submissions either. Please query before sending to LaShaunda Hoffman, Editor, via email Use an appropriate subject line: “Query: (subject)”.

What you’ll get? A copy of the magazine their manuscript is in and payment. All the payment is via Paypal:

  • Articles: $20 upon publication (within 30 days).
  • Fillers: $10 upon publication (within 30 days).
  • Short stories: $25 upon publication (within 30 days).
  • Sormag accepts reprints for which you hold copyright. However, it prefers reprints from print publications, or articles that have not been seen in the last six months. Sormag pays $10 upon publication (within 30 days).

After Sormag responds to your query, you may submit the article, poetry or short story in a Word Doc attachment or inside an email. Double spaced. Sormag editor will inform you which issue it will be published in. Response time is about 2-4 weeks.