Prestasi Park or Frustration Park?

Prestasi ParkSince 2007, Surabaya has achieved some proud of developing the public parks. Leafless zones have been conjured up to beautiful gardens. Few gas stations that built on green area were removed in favor of “Surabaya Goes Green” ambition. Like Flora Park, Bungkul Park, ITS forest, etc. But one we’re talking about now is Taman Prestasi (Achievement Park). The Tourism Service of UPTD THR/Taman Prestasi has handled it since 2007. This garden has been getting much better from the time when it established in 2004.

Located at Ketabang Kali street, Prestasi Park has built on about 6,000 square meters. This is a good place where whole family can relax themselves. Inhale the pure air (thanks to 21 kind of plants here). Enjoy the toys. Experience the adventures.

There are playing grounds for children, and also small single-engine plane monument that can climb on. “My kid loves so much to play pilot on this plane,” said a mother to me.

And oh, look at on the west side! The flow of Kalimas river splitting Surabaya city. Yes, we are welcome to do some river adventure there. But don’t expect any adrenaline engaged like you do when rafting. Kalimas is unruffled river.

On Sunday, you just need to pay Rp 2,000 to circle around some part of Surabaya via Kalimas river by a boat. And in other days, you have to find some companions first. Because the boat will be operated by the order.

To order this rowing/motor boat whose name is Perahu Naga (dragon boat) you must understand budget for gasoline and admiral (boat driver). “From here to JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza), for instance. A boat could use up the gas up to Rp 200,000. Give the admiral 50,000. So it’ll be total Rp 250,000 for approximately 5 kilometers trip,” explained Fery, The Tourism Service of UPTD THR/Taman Prestasi’s staff. Not bad?

Beside destination JMP, the other usual routes are Prestasi Park-Ngemplak, Prestasi Park-Submarine Monument (Monkasel), and Prestasi Park-Petekan bridge.

You don’t like sailing? Fine. You can still enjoy the fresh air in Prestasi Park, jogging, or horse-ride. I don’t know how it runs today, but the tariff was Rp 3,000 per head, per circle. And it used to be the children who ride on. Nah, don’t worry, I’m sure the adults have more things to do in this garden.

Prestasi Park is not only living in the daylight. After sun goes down, one by one the young men and women come up, flirts each other. The view of people hug and kiss are easy. “Some says this is Frustration Park, rather than Prestasi Park, because it’s been such place for cope the frustration with the one we love,” smiled Ayu, someone who came with her couple.

Then I confirmed this to Fery. He didn’t deny it, either affirmed it. “If some people come into this place with his lover, can we forbid them? Moreover, they paid for entering this park.”

“Ah, come on!” I debated him, “Since it no longer held by the Garden Service, everybody in-outs this park gratuitously, don’t they?”


This for years dedicated man had no comment. However, Fery guarantees there won’t be any immoral action in the Prestasi Park he guards. Hm, maybe Fery just doesn’t know the change from Prestasi Park became Frustration Park has been quiet popular for ones who “dating” here. [photo from BlogSurabaya]


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