Korpaskhas TNI AU, the Orange Beret

Get ready to infiltrate... go!
Get ready to infiltrate… go!

As we know, every component of military power has at least one special force. Speaking of which, this is Korpaskhasau (Korps Pasukan Khas TNI Angkatan Udara) or Air Force Special Forces Corps. Formerly known as Komando Pasukan Gerak Tjepat (Kopasgat), the corps has headquarters in Margahayu, Bandung. Like in Kopassus or Kopaska, each personnel of Paskhas must have para-command qualification.

They can be sharp in the air, sea and land. However, Korpaskhas or Paskhas common mission is to defend the airbase from the enemies. Thus, they can secure the taking off and landing process of ally’s planes. But sometimes, if necessary, Paskhas is also an effective strike force to conquer the opponent airfields.

The unit’s reputation has started since the battles after independent day. One of the hard duties was to defend Indonesian airports during the big Netherlands Aggression I and II in 1948, especially the battle in Maguwo Airport, Jogjakarta.

Weapon, Equipment and Vehicle

Organizational structure of Korpaskhas
Organizational structure of Korpaskhas

The soldier has uniform with full gears of latest equipment. Ranging from bulletproof vests, NVG, GPS, foot and knee protectors, special shoes, glasses protectors, throwing knifes, as well as the point to point communication tool. The weaponry? Here they are:

  • Assault Rifles: MP 5, SAR-21 (Singapore Air Rifle), QW-3, DSHK 12.7 mm, Pindad SS-1 and SS-2, M16 A3 Commando.
  • Sniper rifles: SIG Sauer SSG 3000, SIG Sauer SHR 970, PGM Hécate II Anti-materiel rifle (counter sniper), QW-3 MANPADS, Oerlikon Skyshield SHORAD.
  • Pistols: Pindad P1/P2, Glock 17 and 19, SiG Sauer P226.
  • Shotguns: Benelli M3.
  • Grenade launcher: Pindad SPG-1.
  • Machine gun: Pindad SM3 LMG, Pindad SPM2 GPMG, DShK.

In the meantime, for mobile purposes, Korpaskhas operates Land Rover Defender MRCV (Multi Role Combat Vehicle), DMV-30T (Dirgantara Military Vehicle), Pindad Anoa tank, and other tactical vehicles.

Bravo 90 Unit

FYI, there are some specialization in Korpaskhas. They are Pusdiklat (education and training center), Matra Detachment (air combat and base controller, combat SAR, jump master), Air Defense Detachment, Parako (Paratroopers Command), Menbanpur (Combat Support Regiment), and Bravo 90 Unit.

I think the most interesting part of elite forces is… the tactical unit itself! In this case, it’s Bravo 90. This is the newest unit in the Indonesian Special Forces. It established in 1990 as its name, but was launched publicly on September 16, 1999. The concept of Bravo 90 is as the Italian General Giulio Douchet’s strategy of war, “It’s easier and more effective to destroy enemies’ aerial air power on the ground, than to hunt its flying birds on the sky.”

Bravo’s personnel were recruited from the best graduates of Para Commando trainings in the Air Force. About 5-10 graduates are recruited for this elite unit. To improve its anti-terror techniques, the unit also trains at Army’s Kopassus Gultor (anti-terror unit) GMF facility for airplane hostage rescue, Navy’s Denjaka facility for off-shore airfields infiltration and attack, Navy’s Kopaska facility for underwater demolition trainings, and Police’s Gegana facility for anti-bomb trainings.

The unit is directed to perform intelligence in support of air operations, neutralize all enemies potential air power, and other special operations as instructed by the Armed Forces Commander.

Well, let’s see some success stories of the Korpaskhas teams in the future. Commando!

Photos from Paskhas.mil.id


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