Humble Cicalengka

'Temple' of CicalengkaActually, I didn’t come from Bandung city. I came from Cicalengka district, Bandung regency. But because Cicalengka is not quite popular, I often have no idea how to explain this district when some people ask. Beside, Cicalengka has same temperature and culinary as Bandung city.

By the way, since I lived in Surabaya, I miss my homeland. Cicalengka and Surabaya are totally different. Surabaya is a metropolitan, while Cicalengka is a village. You can see many rice field and garden there. Although the number of those green areas have decreased due to manufacturers.

But don’t think that Cicalengka offers you only panoramas. There are also two tourism sites. First, Cinulang waterfall. It’s located between Bandung regency and Garut regency. However, this area is a part of Sumedang regency. Well, this may confuse you. But Cinulang Waterfall is still recognized as Cicalengka tourism site.

Second is Aki Enin cottage. It’s a new tourism site in Cicalengka that offers village panorama. You can see rice field, river and mountains while enjoying some traditional and humble menus, such as fried fish and chicken, tahu, tempeh, vegetable and its spicy sauce.

Yes, all you can find here is greenery land with nature product, instead of grey high building walls with great technology. Aki Enin cottage is located far away from the crowds. That makes you can relax after the work. Hey, there is flying fox too here.

Actually, there is another place that is popular in Cicalengka. It’s called Candi. In Indonesian term, candi is temple. But Candi here is not a temple. People call it that way because it looks like temple. Candi is a jogging destination, anyway. In Friday until Sunday, this site would be full of people and food seller.

Sight from the hillFrom Candi, we can see Cicalengka from the hill. The rice field looks still dominant, thanks God. We can also see the railway. Remember when I told you story about Cicalengka-Bandung train? The railway is passed by some trains, not only by Cicalengka-Bandung or Cicalengka-Padalarang direction, but also Bandung-Surabaya (such as Mutiara Selatan, Turangga, and Argo Wilis train), and Bandung-Jogjakarta (such as Malabar train).

Well, Cicalengka is a humble, small world where people live in simplicity. Of course, there still are town facilities, such as internet, schools, university, hotels, and so on. Yet, people here keep their traditional custom. Simple. And I wish it would never disappear. [photos by Rie]

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16 Replies to “Humble Cicalengka”

  1. Dedi S Wihardja

    Cicalengka sekarang terasa bukan Cicalengka yang pernah saya diami sejak lahir sampai SMP, Cicalengka sekarang terasa kian sesak… penuh dengan bangunan, penuh dengan rumah baru dan pendatang baru. Rasanya tiada lagi kenyamanan kecuali dibeberapa tempat yang menyisakan perkebunan dan persawahan seperti Babakan peuteuy, Dampit dsk. Rindu Cicalengka serasa rindu ke jaman dulu jaman masih biasa main “poporosotan” dari atas rel ke bawah jalan didepan rumah… rindu kejaman dimana maih bisa menghirup udara segar dengan kicauan burung… rindu kejaman ketika sering naik pohon dan memetik jambu biji disekitar rumah..
    Dedi S Wihardja´s last blog post ..Lele GoKil

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