Hangout in Caringin Tilu

View of Caringin TiluAfter running Satin Merah talk shows on MGT FM Bandung and Istana Plaza Gramedia bookstore, Rie and I planned to go to Caringin Tilu. So, once we had a lunch, we left Istana Plaza at Pasirkaliki Street. Luckily, our publisher gave us a ride up to Padasuka Street. Thanks, guys! Then, we continued on our own. I rent two ojek, motorcycle used for public transport. Of course, plus the riders.

Caringin Tilu, or people simply abbreviate it Cartil, is located in Cimenyan regency, West Java Province. The name is Sundanese. It came from three banyans which grew around the area. Those trees now remain one, but the name is still three (tilu).

Climb, climb, climb! We already passed Saung Angklung Udjo, and yet we climbed. The route was quite challenging. Cold wind caught up my helmetless head, while we had to face climbing steeps along the narrow road.

And finally, we arrived in Cartil. But… I frowned. “This is it?” I asked Rie. She lifted her shoulders. I just couldn’t believe, Cartil, as a tourism site that many people recommend on internet, was in fact that quiet. Not many around. I saw only several teenagers who hung out, high school students, and some courtships.

Another view of CartilThe stalls stood in a row. We went in to one of them. Enjoying some snacks and little glass of hot ginger milk. Mostly, the stalls sell roasted corns along with hot tea and coffee. They also have rice fries, instant noodles, toasts, and other common Indonesian foods and beverages. The prices are affordable, ranging from 4,000 to 25,000 IDR.

From that saung (small traditional counter), I also saw amazing view of Bandung city from east side. Actually, Cartil will be more stunning at the night. Some people say, the exquisiteness of Parisj van Java lights will give you another reason to miss this place.

Unfortunately, we arrived there late afternoon. So, no sight of star-scattered sky. Nothing that differentiates it from common mountain views. But at least, in Cartil, we could set the weary off for a moment. Talking with someone you love. Daydreaming. Or at least, enjoying the cool mountain air and the serve. It was pretty refreshing.


7 Replies to “Hangout in Caringin Tilu”

  1. Rie

    “But at least, in Cartil, we could set the weary off for a moment. Talking with someone you love. Daydreaming.”

    Yeah, I know. But I don’t want to go back there. We’d better find other amusing and beautiful place.

  2. Rie

    It’s not good idea, but it’s not bad idea too. Well, I follow your plan next year. Just remember, I don’t want to do some extreme things. And I hope you too.


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