Had a Good Sleep in Cassa Hotel

Welcome to Cassa Hotel

Sometimes, we staycated in a hotel out of the blue. This time, we chose Cassa Hotel, formerly Rumah Cassa Guest House. The hotel is near the MERR Bridge and a crossroad. It lies 8.3 kilometers from the center of the city. So, it would be pretty easy to go to any destination in Surabaya from there.

Receptionist Desk

But, we were not going to anywhere. Like I said, we were there for staycation. So, let’s focus on the hotel’s facilities and ambiance.

Plenty ground for car parking and running around

Positive Experience on Cassa Hotel

It’s standard amenities. Such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, LCD television, non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, meeting room, et cetera. The staffs were helpful and friendly.

Rumah Cassa design

The car park is large and comfortable. So you don’t need to worry to bring cars, or even buses. The desk in our room is wide too. Perfect for work.

Rumah Cassa Front Office

The hotel has a good taste of design. And good taste in cuisine too. Well, not that good, but it met my basic expectation at least.

Waiting for breakfast in the Cafeteria

We took a breakfast in Cassa Cafeteria. The menu is not in buffet. It was just grilled chicken with bali spice and vegetables cooked with less amount of oil. So spicy. My daughter could not eat it much. But it was delicious.

So Indonesian menu on Rumah Cassa (free breakfast)

Negative Experience on Cassa Hotel

Cassa Hotel has the standard and the deluxe rooms. From our room, unfortunately, we could not see any view except the road and the building. Seemed like we were on a jail.

Good for working too

When we stayed there, the light on the bathroom was not bright. Our room door, which couldn’t be opened because the key was disfunctional. We waited for about 30 minutes after diner for the staff to repair it.

Wide room with double bed

We came with our daughters. They needed warm water to take a bath. Unfortunately, the heater was also disfunctional. So, they took a bath with cold water. We used to use cold water. But, come on, this is vacation! We wanted to enjoy this.

Standard 1 star bathroom

Other problem was the internet connection. The wifi signal was weak during our stay. There were some options, actually, but none was work. Finally, we connect with our own Internet data. Alas!

Cassa Hotel Interior Room

Not only the wifi, the TV did not work either.

Disfunctional Television :(

Final thought, Cassa Hotel is good for staycation. It’s clean, comfy, and located at a good position in Surabaya. We had a good sleep there. Just, don’t expect too high.

Had a good sleep in Cassa Hotel

Cassa Hotel

  • 1 star accommodation
  • Address: Jalan Medokan Semampir 25, Sukolilo, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Telephone: +62 31 594 5 666

Clean, comfy, and cheap

– Photos by Brahmanto

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