Cowboy a la De’Ranch

Riding black horseBy the time we arrived to this place, Marlboro’s jingle (The Magnificent Seven from Elmer Bernstein) invaded our ears, repeatedly. De’Ranch. Actually from that name, I had already figured out the concept. It’s wild wild west. Needless to say, there are horses, cows, gold mine, cowboys, cowgirls, carriages, et cetera. Opened on December 2007, De’Ranch carries the spirit of food, leisure and knowledge.

You only have to buy 5,000 IDR ticket to enter this five hectares area. Free of charge for two year old child or below. By the five grand, you get a cup of milk from the bar, with strawberry or mocha flavor. It’s quiet refreshing, especially when we just walked from Panorama traditional market, Lembang, Bandung. Otherwise, you can also get yoghurt, by bartering your two entrance tickets.

Enough with the milk, it’s time to saddle up! I would like to rent two horses, before. One was for Rie. But, she did not want to. I guessed she was scare to ride. Well, nothing I could do about it. So I rent one horse. And I picked cowboy’s hat and waistcoat. This is great! I felt like Lucky Luke, only without cigarette and skill.

I mounted to my black horse. Then, a guide led the horse to the track. We marched. Five meters. Ten. Fifteen. My horse walked side by side my guide. I thought it was akin to my childhood, when I rode a horse and the guide let that (little) horse runs while I grabbed the rein just by myself. I enjoyed that moment. So macho. But this?

“Can you release the rein, bro? Let me ride on my own,” I asked my horse guide.

“Can’t do, Sir. Unless you already hold some certificate on horseback.”Gold mine

One minute later, I asked him a favor again, “Can we be a little faster? Come on, let the stallion run a bit.”

“Sorry, can’t do. If something happen to you, I’ll be to blame.”

Yeah. Sure. So, there how I was until the end of the lap. Suddenly, I felt like Lucky Luke again. Especially after he has just done the task. Riding Jolly Jumper in calm. I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, I’m a long long way from home….

If the train schedule wasn’t chasing after me, I would do my plan there: take a short course of horse riding. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s a fair price. Here De’Ranch’s price list:

  • Horse riding (20,000 IDR/lap/person)
  • Horse riding out of De’Ranch (150,000/60 minutes/person)
  • Horse riding course with professional trainer (125,000 IDR/60 minutes/person)
  • Fun boat (15,000 IDR/15 minutes/person)
  • Fishing pond (15,000 IDR/30 minutes/person)
  • Buggy (25,000 IDR/lap/3 persons)
  • Buggy out of De’Ranch (30,000 IDR/3 persons)
  • ATV (25,000 IDR/4 laps/person)
  • Flying fox (15,000 IDR/turn/kid)
  • Water balloon (15,000 IDR/person)
  • Trampoline (15,000 IDR/5 minutes/person)
  • Archery (15,000 IDR/10 arrows/person)
  • Indian totem web (15,000 IDR/15 minutes/person)
  • Gold hunting (20,000 IDR/15 minutes/person).

On the CarriageThat’s not all. Contact De’Ranch for further information. The number is +62 22 708 40 661, or come directly to Jl. Maribaya 17, Lembang, West Java province. De’Ranch opens everyday, except Monday. In week-day, it opens from 09.00 to 17.00. And in week-end or holiday, it opens a little longer, from 08.00 to 18.00.

Here, “We also share knowledge to visitors, like how to take care of horses, goats, cows,” told Uke Ridwan, the manager. De’Ranch is truly a ranch. So, every activities involving animal are no theatricals.

After riding, we went back to cafeteria. There, they serve snacks typical of Bandung, e.g. meatball noodle, batagor, mendoan tempeh, satay, lotek, karedok. And also bratwurst, pizza, and many more. Oh, there is also a souvenir store. You may buy De’Ranch merchandises which have bold nuance of western. [photos by Brahm & Rie]


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