Indonesia Applies Death Penalty for Drug Trafficking, Terrorism and Murder

A list of countries with death penalty. If you are clean, there's nothing to worry.
A list of countries with death penalty. If you are clean, there’s nothing to worry.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the ringleaders of the Bali Nine heroin trafficking group, were caught by Indonesian authority in 2005. Both Australians now are going to face the firing squad. And suddenly, a bunch of protests come to light. The Aussie netizens even created hashtag #BoycottBali on social media to give pressure to Jakarta.

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Enjoyable Evening on Floating Market Lembang

Borneo people in South Kalimantan has a unique tradition. They use boat, on the big river, to trade the groceries, meats, rice, and so on. They called it floating market. But, I never knew that in Bandung, West Java, there is a floating market too. Even I had been a citizen of Bandung for at …

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Tour of Religion in Semarang

Like any other big cities in Indonesia, Semarang is also a melting pot. A lot of cultures, including religions, inside. When my husband, daughter and I had a holiday there recently, we visited some religion sites. They are masjid (mosque), gereja (church), klenteng (Shenism temple), and other religion places. This is a brief, rush note of that journey.

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Borobudur, the Greatest Buddhist Temple in the World

Borobudur ComplexHave you planned the destination to spend your holiday with family, friends or alone? If you haven’t yet, I suggest you to visit Borobudur Temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. It’s a wonderful place for everyone. I visited it about 12 years ago, and yet, the temple is too big to forget. Borobudur, with height of 34.5 m and width of 123 x 123 m2, has become a world heritage site declared by UNESCO, since it was found by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814.

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