Everything is Here, in Balekambang Park

Adult deer is trying to protect its children around Taman Balekambang (and me too)

We didn’t think, at first, that Balekambang Park was our main destination in Surakarta or Solo City. But now we know, it’s a mandatory attraction when we revisit Solo someday. The park itself reminded me of Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). Only, Taman Balekambang is smaller and doesn’t have Istana Negara (Bogor Presidential Palace). Continue Reading →

Midnight in Suroboyo Carnival Park

Since 2014, Surabaya has one more attraction to visit. It’s an amusement park like Dufan in Jakarta, Trans Studio in Bandung or Makassar, or WBL in Lamongan. Suroboyo Carnival Park is a night market (pasar malam) and a carnival. Developed by PT Sinar Mutiara Sinergi, Suroboyo Carnival Park serves indoor and outdoor rides. When you have no idea where to get some fun in Surabaya at afternoon, just go there with your friends or family.

Surabaya Carnival Park

Surabaya Carnival Park

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