6 Assets to be a Productive Writer

We are amazed by prolific authors who produce great stories. The question is, how come? We know, often quantity is inversely proportional to quality. So, what is their secret? Burned by curiosity, I short-interviewed some prolific writers. In my notes, there are six common assets they have: a good physical-mental condition, a conducive atmosphere of …

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Back Up Your Manuscript Online

Imagine this. You’ve been working hard to write a novel. Then one day, your computer’s hard drive is broken. You can do nothing. Files are all there! Brief, your manuscript is gone. Your deadline is messed. Have you ever experienced such “tragedy”? I have once. So, I share this message: making a back up is …

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7 Free Tools of Google for Writers

Google for writersYou must have enjoyed some of Google’s products. Picasa, perhaps? Blogger? YouTube? Google Translate? Android OS? I myself use dozens of Google products in everyday life. For authors, there are seven tools that I recommend: Google Search, Google Docs, Keyword Tool, Google Alerts, Google News, Google Apps and Google+.

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Writer v Instant Writing Software

Android writer

It was stunning to watch presentation of an automated article wizard. It showed that such software can handle 90% of writing jobs. You will save a lot of energy and time since the software does online researching and also filter out the related details in seconds. Then you can pick the facts gathered, spin it, edit it, and voilà: a unique, new article!

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