Newbies Have Questions

Beberapa bulan belakangan, saya banyak menerima pertanyaan-pertanyaan dasar tentang penulisan. Hm, aneh. Padahal saya bukan guru atau motivator penulisan. Saya cenderung orang lapangan dalam dunia penulisan. Man in the arena, kata Theodore Roosevelt. Bagaimanapun, jika pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu tidak dijawab, kesannya saya sombong. Namun kalau mau dijawab, kok pertanyaannya itu-itu saja, bikin capek, hehehe. Maka tebersitlah …

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6 Assets to be a Productive Writer

We are amazed by prolific authors who produce great stories. The question is, how come? We know, often quantity is inversely proportional to quality. So, what is their secret? Burned by curiosity, I short-interviewed some prolific writers. In my notes, there are six common assets they have: a good physical-mental condition, a conducive atmosphere of …

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Back Up Your Manuscript Online

Imagine this. You’ve been working hard to write a novel. Then one day, your computer’s hard drive is broken. You can do nothing. Files are all there! Brief, your manuscript is gone. Your deadline is messed. Have you ever experienced such “tragedy”? I have once. So, I share this message: making a back up is …

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