Indonesian IT Thesaurus

Thesaurus IT English-Indonesian


  • abort = gugurkan
  • about = ihwal, perihal, mengenai, tentang
  • access = akses
  • account = akun, rekening
  • action button = tombol tindak, tombol aksi
  • active desktop = destop aktif
  • admin = administrator
  • add-ins = tertambah
  • align left = rata kiri
  • align right = rata kanan
  • append = bubuh
  • apply = terapkan
  • arrange = susun
  • array = larik
  • ascending = menanjak, urut naik
  • attachment = lampiran

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Polsuska a.k.a ORP, a Paramilitary for Train Company’s Assets

If you quite frequently travel by trains, you would see officers wearing a paramilitary uniform and orange beret around. No, it’s not Brimob. Few Brimob or Mobile Brigade Corps personnels (with blue beret) often guard trips on railway too. But not as much as Special Police Train or so-called Polisi Khusus Kereta Api (Polsuska) a.k.a. Orange Railway Police (ORP).

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Indonesia Applies Death Penalty for Drug Trafficking, Terrorism and Murder

A list of countries with death penalty. If you are clean, there's nothing to worry.

A list of countries with death penalty. If you are clean, there’s nothing to worry.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the ringleaders of the Bali Nine heroin trafficking group, were caught by Indonesian authority in 2005. Both Australians now are going to face the firing squad. And suddenly, a bunch of protests come to light. The Aussie netizens even created hashtag #BoycottBali on social media to give pressure to Jakarta. Continue Reading →