Garuda Riders, It’s Not Only a Digital Comic

Garuda Rider Comic

Let’s join Naradja and his exhilarating adventure in Varadwipa Earth. It was about 10 centuries after Ramayana era. Naradja wanted to be a garuda rider so bad. But his father tried to stop him. Because he knew somehow that this would have an enormous impact on the Varadwipa’s future. A bad impact!

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Kampoeng Ilmu Could be Better Than This

Kampong ambience in Kampoeng Ilmu

It was a long holiday. We, a team of Warung Fiksi, had some writing jobs. So we just researched and wrote, at the office. Unfortunately, you can’t always do the research online. Thus, we also had to hunt some necessary books. We went to several big bookstores in Surabaya: Gramedia, Toga Mas, Rumah Buku, and Uranus, with no result. It’s time to go to Kampoeng Ilmu, then!

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