Titan Arum and Rafflesia are Different

The rafflesia flower was often confused by titan arum flower. Even few of media in Indonesia made the common mistake. Rafflesia and Titan arum both are giant flowers. They give off the rotten smell, like a cadaver, so both can be nicknamed as “corpse flower”. The odor’s function is for attracting beetles and flies to do pollinate. Continue Reading →

ITS Forest, the Paradise of Wild Birds (Still?)

Many shaded places in ITS

As a man who had ever been lectured in ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology), I admire the park conception of this state institution. ITS’s park is not crowded by low trees like any other parks, but the tall trees. It’s a mini forest in campus. We had proclaimed this area as the widest city-forest in Surabaya. Enter it, you’ll feel chilled after hit by the heat of Surabaya metropolitan. But what people may don’t know much is, this is the area where the wild protected birds proliferate. Continue Reading →

Indonesian Vegetations at a Glance

Rafflesia arnoldii

It is destiny for the tropics to have biodiversity more than the subtropics or the poles. It is too for Indonesia. There are many ecosystems here; mangrove, sea, shore, savanna, grassland, and so on, which each have its own biodiversity. Indonesian flora is a part of Indo-Malay that live (beside in Indonesia) only in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippine. And we call “Malaysiana group” for the flora growing specifically in Malaysia, Philippine and Indonesia. Continue Reading →