5 Cents per Word for Speculative Fiction

Memory of the Future (by Raul Cruz)Feel like writing good speculative fiction? This is for you, then. Founded in September 2000, Strange Horizons is a weekly web-based magazine of and about speculative fiction. The term “speculative fiction” refers to what is more commonly known as sci-fi, but which properly embraces science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, slipstream, and a host of sub-genres. They want:

  • Stories that have some literary depth but aren’t boring.
  • Styles that are unusual yet readable.
  • Structures that balance inventiveness with traditional narrative.
  • Characters we can care about.
  • Settings and cultures that we don’t see all the time in speculative fiction.
  • Stories that address political issues in complex and sensitive ways. Continue Reading →

Speed Writing: 300 Pages in 22 Days

Speed writingIs it possible to write a good 300 pages book manuscript within 22 days only? Well, why not? In fact, some authors did faster. Why 22 days, then? That’s just based on my own experience as a ghostwriter. I’m actually a slow writer. But, since I found the secret of speed writing, I write more effectively. You know, effective often means faster. Speed writing in my version is about two things: the assets and the technique of writing. I’m going to tell you everything quickly. Continue Reading →

Kenapa The Dark Knight Rises Laku Keras

Saya kebagian deret kursi L sewaktu menonton film ini. Sial! Bagaimana lagi, dari hari ke hari bioskop yang memutar The Dark Knight Rises penuh. Daripada pulang dengan tangan hampa, terpaksalah menonton pemandangan Gotham City dengan mendongak sepanjang 2 jam 44 menit. Untungnya, film ini benar-benar layak tonton. Continue Reading →