Speed Writing: 300 Pages in 22 Days

Speed writingIs it possible to write a good 300 pages book manuscript within 22 days only? Well, why not? In fact, some authors did faster. Why 22 days, then? That’s just based on my own experience as a ghostwriter. I’m actually a slow writer. But, since I found the secret of speed writing, I write more effectively. You know, effective often means faster. Speed writing in my version is about two things: the assets and the technique of writing. I’m going to tell you everything quickly.

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Mengapa Penulis Suka Memunculkan Tokoh Penulis dalam Karyanya

Mengapa Penulis suka Menciptakan Tokoh Penulis dalam Karyanya

Beberapa hari lalu di Bandung, saya menonton The Adventures of Tintin bareng Rie Yanti. Saya terhibur dengan beberapa adegan yang bombastis tetapi lucu dan seru di film itu. Ya, adegan-adegan tersebut rasanya senapas dengan komiknya. Walau disesaki banyak adegan kebetulan, Tintin merupakan salah satu komik favorit saya, karena ceritanya cerdas. Kelihatan sekali kalau pengarangnya berwawasan.

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How to Write a Memoir

How to write memoirThere are some reasons why people write memoir: sharing their interesting personal life, understanding themselves, creating a legacy to the children or grandchildren, or getting attention from public. Although it talks about yourself, writing memoir is not as easy as you read it. You must show your very interesting moment of life, have knowledge in language and writing, do not expose yourself too much, and be sincere.

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FAQ (Frequently Accused-Questions) to Fiction Writers

Evil judgeHave you, as a fiction author, ever been asked by people pretended to know everything about work of writing and publishing? Were you boxed into a corner by those questions? I was. I have ever faced few “judges” like that. But I never give a damn, ha-ha. I have a list of what did my friends negatively say about work of fiction. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to translate those into English. But I bet you already knew things like: all fiction writers are liar, a words waster, ones who live in imagination without seeing the real world, blah. Insignificant accusations that can be easily countered.

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