ITS Forest, the Paradise of Wild Birds (Still?)

Many shaded places in ITS

As a man who had ever been lectured in ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology), I admire the park conception of this state institution. ITS’s park is not crowded by low trees like any other parks, but the tall trees. It’s a mini forest in campus. We had proclaimed this area as the widest city-forest in Surabaya. Enter it, you’ll feel chilled after hit by the heat of Surabaya metropolitan. But what people may don’t know much is, this is the area where the wild protected birds proliferate. Continue Reading →

An SOS Sign from Orangutans

One happy familyPongo pygmaeus is species that dwell in Borneo island, and Pongo abelii is species that dwell in Sumatra. They are the only surviving species in the genus Pongo. We simply call them orangutan. It was taken from the words “orang” (man) and “hutan” (forest). Physically, they really resemble human (of the forest). They are the most intelligent primates in the world, beside their African cousin chimpanzee. Continue Reading →

Magical Bird Called Perkutut

Male perkutut usually ringedKeeping perkutut (Geopelia sp.) as pet is a quite prestigious hobby in Indonesia. Javanese folk has been doing that for centuries. The number of perkutut lovers itself has increased year by year, from common people to the nobility ones. Until these days, a tradition like sitting ensemble and hear this bird sings while enjoying a simple serving still flourish. Maybe you ask me then, what is so special about this 0.14 pound creature? Continue Reading →