5 Fabulous Gemstones from Indonesia

Recently, the gemstones is trending in Indonesia. Did you know, there are five considered high demand gemstones in the world, which are mined in Indonesia. Due to their gorgeousness, and trend factor also, the price of each polished gemstone can reaches more than 5,000 USD. These are those gemstones: Continue Reading →

King Baba and Bibinge, Wooden Clothes a la Borneo

King baba and king bibinga are two of Dayak traditional clothes.

King baba and king bibinge are two of Dayak traditional clothes. Photo from akucintanusantaraku.blogspot.com

Can you believe if I say there are kind of clothes made of tree? Well, whatever your answer is, this is the fact. People in Borneo for long time has built some intimate relationship with the woods. Not only their houses are made of wood, but their traditional clothes too. Continue Reading →