Lanting Houses, Floating Civilization on Barito River

Did you know, there are still many areas in Borneo, which are swamp. Like in the Netherlands, some areas in Borneo are below the sea level. About 20 centimeters under sea level, to be more precisely. No wonder, people there are so familiar with the boat, river and… rumah lanting (lanting house). Walk along the …

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Indonesian Massages

Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes is massaged by IndonesiansWhen you ache in your body, what do you do to make it better? The massage, of course! It’ll make your body relax, fresh and healthy faster. But tell me, do you know the massages from Indonesia?

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Sundanese Marriage Ceremony Today

Sundanese marriageAs other conventional culture, the marriage is getting simplified day to day. My aunt was married in 1995, when I was in elementary school. Yet I remember the detail of the procession (sure, I look up the photo album too). And when I attended my cousin’s marriage two years ago, I found many differences. Here some:

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Characteristic of A Movie Crazy

I have few friends who are movie-crazy, I mean, a film maniac. No doubt, movie is their breath. Nonetheless, I enjoy observe such behavior; how they are thinking, how they act. This is their common characteristic: There are always Home Video’s member cards in his/her wallet. Still around his/her wallet, we will find some cinema …

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Re-appreciate Jaipong Dance

RumingkangWhen I was a child, I desired to learn pendet, a dance from Bali. I liked the dancers’ eyes. They open wide and wild. It is very different with a dance from my region, jaipong. This dance looks bored, old-fashioned, hick, and the dancers sometimes has to do some movement with her hip or back.

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In Cicalengka-Bandung Train

Purwa Aswa Purba Monument

The economy class train is always an opera to me. Many things to see here. And this is a characteristic of Indonesian trains, I think. I used to go from Cicalengka Town to Bandung City, and vice versa. From Cicalengka Station, I take the economy train called KRD Ekonomi. The ticket costs 1,000 IDR from Cicalengka to Ciroyom Station (a small station after Bandung Station), or 1,500 IDR from Cicalengka to Padalarang. It’s very cheap, but the train will stops at every small stations.

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