Blog Routinely with Schedule

A lot of people have blogs. Maybe you do too. However, some of them then have lost their patient to update it. Why? What is the solution? How to blog routinely with passion? Well, I don’t know the reasons why some bloggers became less enthusiastic with this platform, or why a blogger became the ex …

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Content is King

It’s an old saying that’s more and more proved true nowadays. But in this era of “copy-paste”, there are a lot of kings, I think. The content deluge is not beyond, it’s already here! They use content for marketing or self expression. The top companies have active blogs. Suddenly, every netizen is content writer. Spam …

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Keniscayaan E-Book

Read an e-book via notebook

Di penghujung 2006, Rachmania Arunita meluncurkan Lost in Love. Mendistribusikan melalui bluetooth ponsel, Nia menyebutnya e-book. “Ya hitung-hitung bikin gebrakan, sekaligus menggalang budaya membaca dan menulis,” katanya waktu itu. Media e-book dipilihnya untuk menghindari kerepotan dan membengkaknya biaya produksi-distribusi seperti yang pernah dia alami saat memasarkan Eiffel I’m in Love. Sayang, kalangan pembaca adem ayem saja menyambutnya. Novel digital memang belum populer. Tapi, siapa berani menyangkal, kita sedang menuju ke sana.

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